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Root IncRom 1.3 (Incredible)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TalkShowOnMute, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. TalkShowOnMute

    Thread Starter

    Hello everyone,

    I downloaded IncRom 1.3 from lllboredlll today. It is a beautiful mod. It also performs well, not slow or glitchy on incredible. The only problem I am having is that it pretty much has a constant force close for ROM Manager.

    Everything else seems fine right now, but ROM manager stopped unexpectedly pops up every few seconds.

    Any ideas?




  2. TalkShowOnMute

    Thread Starter

    The incessant force close popups have subsided thankfully. Still cannot open ROM manager without a force close. I guess it is not a huge issue since I can run it from bootup mode. But if anyone knows a how to remedy the issue, it would be greatly appreciated. :)
  3. jgarcia24

    jgarcia24 Lurker

    I love Incrom 1.2, but when I went to Incrom 1.3 I was having that same issue, as well as Titanium backup doing the same thing. :( I guess I'll have to wait for a fix before I boot 1.3 back onto my phone.
  4. Polt

    Polt Newbie

    I haven't had any of the force close issues with those programs, but have been having some other performance issues. I loved 1.2 and may go back to it if these 1.3 issues don't go away.
  5. jgarcia24

    jgarcia24 Lurker

    hmmm..I downloaded it from rom manager and let it do its thing. I dont think I Installed it wrong.
  6. jgarcia24

    jgarcia24 Lurker

    Ok, so after I installed the rom with rom manager. I booted into clockwork mod recovery and did a complete factory data reset. I then downloaded rom manager and titanium backup and everything works great. I did find something I do not like and that is the old alarm clock. I miss sliding down to turn off my alarm. but their is absolutely no force closes.
  7. mikeyman67

    mikeyman67 Lurker

    Has anyone else noticed the facebook app is translucent with green letters (which does not work with my background) and that the + and - button boxes are black text on black background, or is it just me? Otherwise its a beauty for sure. The miui music app doesn't show music on my SD card either.
  8. gruss

    gruss Android Expert

    only issues i had with it were music related, I ripped miui out of it and installed MusicMod and it was a little better but still get random skips and force closes occasionally, strangely tunewiki seems to be stable though so.....both those options work with lock screen controls as well and for me anyway update almost immediately, even when i just copy and paste music via wifi to the sd card.
    I heard he is working on a flash to get the htc alarm/clock back....i love the new lockscreen so I'll be sticking with the old clock.
    1.2 though was rock solid for me, sticking with 1.3 though because it runs smoother.
  9. BrknWng

    BrknWng Lurker

    jgarcia24 is right in that after installing, a complete wipe will fix force close problems.
    Even with that though, I can not find a way around the black text and black screen. When I try to compose an e-mail, I cannot see what I'm typing. I know I'm typing though as if I long click, it shows the select all option. I even tried to change the font using Font Changer. That didn't work either. So until that is fixed, I will stick with 1.2.
  10. drmnjms

    drmnjms Lurker

    I noticed the black on black. Haven't figured it out yet tho....Have you had any issues with the lock screen showing a yellow line when you slide to unlock?? Other than those issues....I love the ROM and will keep it and prob download the next version when it comes out...
  11. BrknWng

    BrknWng Lurker

    Since I use e-mail a lot, I just can't use it until that black on black is fixed. As far as the yellow line, no I did not notice that. I love the ROM besides the black on black. Hopefully that is fixed or a newer version comes out.

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