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Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Harad, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Harad

    Harad Lurker
    Thread Starter
    Aug 12, 2014

    Dear androidforums members and developers, in case all of your apps need to be tested, and tested correctly, I would like to introduce my google+ beta community here:
    As many of you know, Google implemented beta testing options to the Google Play Market and this option based on google+ communities, where you can invite your testers.

    These way have a huge advantage:
    1) Users can install your beta application directly from Play Market (they can trust your app more, and they don't need to move *.apk files on the device).
    2) You will have a simple bugtracker with crash reports, it should increase quality of received feedbacks.

    My community should help developers to share their beta programs and invite testers to their communities. If you have a post here with your application beta promo, you also can just share the link to our community to the "Request feedback" section with no worry that it will be removed (even if you don't have any community). There are not so much places where you can find a list of beta testing programs, like in our "apps" section, and I also would like to invite all androidforums members who want to be notified about new android apps in beta to join our Betaapps community as a tester.
    For now, Betaapps community is growing and it will be very helpful if you will share this community with your google+ circles and other social networks. This forum section could be more effective for developers if they will know how to get more testers.
    Actually I have a big plans in beta testing field and my community and I hope that you will enjoy my activities and our work will be help testers and developers meet each other. Welcome for your comments.


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