iNew V8 2GB Model Video Review


Android Enthusiast

This is my review of the updated, iNew V8 phone. It has been upgraded by iNew to it's latest form, from 1GB to 2GB Ram and their latest fixed up version of it's firmware using KitKat 4.4.2.

There are no firmware glitches as was reported in earlier videos, it runs rock solid and smooth. The ram upgrade is especially important as it allows the phone to run smoother, with many apps opened up. But it's biggest benefit is it's much improved benchmark scores, with Antutu updated from around 21000 to over 25000, a big jump for sure. Gaming is a breeze on the V8, with smooth frame rates on all newer games and no noticeable dropout at all.

The hardware is really top notch here, with MediaTek's latest and greatest MT6591T Hexa Core processor, that's 6 cores at a $200.00 price point, nice. The GPU is also a good one, sporting a Mali 450-Gp2 setup. The huge 5.5" screen is 720p, IPS and just plain sweet to look at. Viewing angles are excellent, colors pop and it uses Gorilla Glass 2, so it's durable to boot. I'm also using a 64GB microSD card, adding to it's already good 16GB built in, so storage is not going to be a problem as well. It's real calling card here is it's awesome, rotatable from back to front, 13mp camera. It takes great pics, shoots pretty 1080p video, and can Skype better than any other phone out there right now, nice.

Summing up, this is easily the best phone you are going to get at this price point. It packs a powerful processor, beautiful screen, unique camera, and nearly unlimited storage at a price point that boggles the mind. China id really getting good here, folks, and the deals available are among the best I've seen lately.

Don't forget, you can also get some discounts from by looking up codes for them online. Any questions, ask away and I'll answer to the best of my ability, thanks for watching :)