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Inew v8 is my battery normal using above 4 volts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Aguythatneedhelp, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Aguythatneedhelp

    Thread Starter

    Hi i recently got a inew v8 and i love it because of its price 150 euro wher i live for that type of phone at that price compared to others that i have seen like nokia lumia 520 150€ aswell
    i was amazed.But i found out in time my 2400 mah battery was draining quick with barely anything draining not the screen not even android but in a minute or 2,3 i could loose 1,2 precent and i dont think thats right from a app it told me my phone was using 4 and a bit more volts and it more likely stayed like that but ive seen that the normal is 3.7v.

    Question: is it normal and pls know the specs of the phone

    Notes:the cpu cant go lower than 714m (normaly 1 or 2 are on,more likely 1).
    No apps or anything heavy were running during anything
    and some point of precent it stays longer thant normal.
    and if i do play any game big,small it goes quicker but not as much.
    I will later post more if i find something or remember.
    if you want i can say apps that you think i might have that might cause the issue and also i bilieve when i got my phone maybe dont remembet having the issue.

    Update:My battery goes 1% every minute
    And gets worse when its draining

    Thank you

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