Infinite Cha0s Themed App Thread


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Alright, well, I think the title pretty accurately describes what this thread is going to offer. This is part of and an extension of my theme for the D1 Sourcery rom .

Sourcery Rom found here: [ROM Release] Sourcery ROM V2.0 - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum or in Rom Manager.
Thanks to eagle1967 and GFlam for an awesome rom.
Theme is downloadable via the rom or here (screenshots abound!): Sourcery ROM - There is an update coming soon to fix a few issues that happened with the last upload of the theme, bear with us. :)

So, without further ado:

Infinite Cha0s Blue Gingerbread Keyboard (installable as regular app, uninstall previous version 1st - Not sure if it works on 2.1...):

*Notice the & key reads &amp. I can't find a way to fix this and have the colored text on the keys at the same time. I think it's worth it as it's really not that big of a deal. :) If anyone knows how to fix this though, it would be MUCH appreciated. (I realize there are threads with the "fix" for this, but the fix only works if you don't edit XMLs, so not being able to change the text color on the keys.)

nfinite Cha0s Blue Wireless Tether (installable as regular app, uninstall previous version):
Note: Your pop up menu may vary. These icons are pulled from your framework-res.apk and not the Wireless Tether app.


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Thanks to Team Inversion Conversion and the other themers for keeping the ball rolling with the inverted and transparent goodies!

Newly inverted Twitter with all new icons and transparent widgets:

I think you will need to uninstall the Market version before you load mine. Just a heads up...

Screenshots? Got em:
(Keyboard + Font not included, but available on request)

Added! Semi dark transparent background for the widget.