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Jul 25, 2010
none of the us carrier variants have recieved this yet(to my knowledge) but i figure its a matter of time till it comes up,especially if some gsm users are using these firmware packages. european unbranded OTA 3.28.401.6 included hboot

the familiar tampered banner is gone,repalces with a banner that now reads: software status: official or software status: modified

some quick testing on my phone seems to indicate that youre stuck with this banner. it looks like software status: xxxxx is par for the course on hboot 3.19,at least while s off.

software status: official is equivalent to not displaying any tampered banner.

software status: modified is equivalent to having the tampered banner displayed
toggling the same flag in p6 changes the banner,just as it did prior

i currently am 100% stock rooted t mobile firmware. i installed hboot 3.19 and did the following:
-toggled tampered flag
-locked the bootloader
-replaced my custom recovery with the correct stock one

none of the above removed the banner completely. it remained software status: official (with exception of turning the tampered flag on). reinstalling hboot 3.18 the banner disapeared.

the one thing i did not test is turning s on. it may be possible that this banner is only displayed while s off,like the CID identification. we could confirm by checking a competely stock,never modded phone thats updated to hboot 3.19

again,the new banner is a product of 3.19 and IMO not much to be concerned with,as far as returning your device to stock. either stock phones are also equipped with the same banner,or it may disapear if security is turned back on.

its interesting to note that hboot 3.19 has a couple less " security_emmc_command"

(bootloader) security_emmc_command:
(bootloader)   1. check_emmc_mid          : no desc.
(bootloader)   2. get_sector_info_emmc    : no desc.

(bootloader) security_emmc_command:
(bootloader)   1. check_emmc_mid          : no desc.
(bootloader)   2. get_ext_csd_emmc        : no desc.
(bootloader)   3. get_sector_info_emmc    : no desc.
(bootloader)   4. get_wp_info_emmc        : no desc.
(bootloader)   5. load_emmc               : no desc.
(bootloader)   6. send_wp_info_emmc       : no desc.

hope this helps to eliminate some panic and/or concern :)
upate,t mobile update to 3.32.531.2(eye experiece and android 4.4.4) has brought me hboot 3.19 officially.

other carrier updates will likely do the same. :)
Please show me how to fix this? HTC one M8 T-Mobile. Thanks
Please show me how to fix this? HTC one M8 T-Mobile. Thanks

Get at least a 50% charge on the battery, get the download at the end of this link, plug phone into pc, go from HBOOT to FASTBOOT on phone (see where it says to tap power with FASTBOOT selected), double click the download, follow manual instructions at link and on-screen instructions on your pc -
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