Ingress Blank Map?


So I just got my ingress invite about 3 hours ago! Super exited! Waiting for months! So I start it up, its cool! And not even Halfway through the tutorial the map suddenly zooms in then just goes into a an infinite black screen and you can't reset it, or anything, it doesn't even have options! And so for the past two hours and 45 minutes I've been searching the web and staring at a black screen. All excitement has been dampened.

So If anyone has ingress already and has this resolved can you give me a hand? Google was useless because they said turn off your wifi, and mine wasn't even on... I've tried restarting my phone (and it worked only for a matter of seconds, then dark). Wifi on, wifi off. charging, not charging, and I don't even know what else is there to try really... Oh yes, along with force closing, then opening, both working for justr enough time for it to find my location, and then start to read the tutorial before dying.

I am really hoping someone can help me out..


Trying signing out and signing back in to reset and show the map again. If you zoom out before creating a fake portal you should be able to select the portal and complete the tutorial.

If that doesn't work, just skip the tutorial and come back to it later.