Help Initial Phone Charging Issue


Hey guys and gals,

I received my brand new Evo V 4g today, and charged it for a good four hours. I checked on the phone after those few hours and when I went over there was no status light showing (green/red) and each time I tried to turn the phone on nothing would happen. Now....I am the first to admit that I am pretty impatient when it comes to new technology, and I may be over reacting. I am now getting a green light while it is charging through our laptop, but whenever I press the power button it turns OFF. I am switching it back to the AC adapter before bed to see how it goes when I wake up. :thinking:

Do I just need to wait and charge this little guy up over night or is this is problem that I can't solve and should just contact VM for another one? I'd be pretty bummed if I couldn't get it to work, seeing as I have already "swapped phones" from the Optimus V to the Evo. :/


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when i got my phone two days ago from best buy when i put the battery in in booted up just fine. charge was bout 50% too, you should just take it back or try another battery if you have one to make sure its not the phone.


Don't know if this is of any use to say but my initial charge didn't happen for whatever unknown reason.

What I had done is this: unboxed it, put battery in, powered it up to check if it would, pressed power button a few seconds, selected power off, then plugged it into the AC charger.

To my surprise it showed no signs of doing anything but thought maybe it was okay anyway. Left it supposedly charging several hours, came back read the owners manual and found out it should have the orange or green light to indicate status. Looked at it and no light, no charge.

Retried all this and it showed the orange light and took a charge another several hours.

Only 'power' trouble since then has been from using the power button, whether my fault for not pressing it right is something I've been trying and failing to learn. Sometimes it starts up immediately and other times it takes about 8 seconds, so I'm often re-pressing the button and possibly messing up the start sequence.

I've taken the battery out and reseated it 3 times now during the 2 weeks I've had it to get it going again. First time was the same day I got it.


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The green light indicates that the battery is fully charged, obviously that's not the case. Either the phone or battery is having issues.