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Initial questions and thoughts from a new Android user

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by funker, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. funker

    funker Newbie
    Thread Starter

    First, I want to say that I love my Moment and am enjoying it after setting it up and going to six stores to get my contacts ported over from my old phone! I have a few thoughts / questions about the few things I haven't liked or understood since I'm new to Android.

    1 The Bluetooth not working with voice dialing and not being able to voice search Google is pretty annoying. Does anyone know if there are plans to fix these in the update or if vlingo is planned to come to Android?

    2 Has anyone heard anything about a XM radio app coming to Android? I know it's been talked about and am just keeping my fingers crossed.

    3 A pro wrestling news website I subscribe to, www.pwinsiderelite.com has news and interviews in audio form for either windows media player or you can stream or download the audio files as an mp3. Using dolphin and the browser that the phone came with, I've tried to play audio in all of these ways. However, when I click on the files to play them nothing happens. Is there a setting or an application that I need to change to play or download these files?

    4 I have an ipod charger for my car that I got from Radioshack that uses a cigarette plug with a usb end as it's main part and then has a USB to ipod cable as a separate cord. When I opened the moment and saw the USB to micro USB, I wondered whether I could use it with the main part of the ipod charger as a car charger for the moment. I plugged it for a second and it does charge the phone, but I was afraid it could damage the phone, so I called Radioshack. Their tech told me that since the official wall charger and my car charger part provide the same output, 5 volts, it should be fine to use as a car charger. Still, the wall charger has 0.7 amps output and the car charger 0.5 Given that info, can anyone with some electrical knowledge explain for sure whether using my ipod car charger with the USB to micro USB will be safe for the phone?
    Any help anyone can give on any of this would be great! Thanks,

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  2. KeithKris

    KeithKris Member

    1 - The voice app Samsung provided with the Moment is not the stock app, and most people feel it's inferior to Googles. Pending a software update, you're stuck with this voice recognition.

    4 - You should be just fine using the charger you have. The amp rating is the amount of power the charger can safely provide. It can provide less without issue. That said, if you want a standalone charger, it's just micro usb, I grabbed a handful on ebay for $2 each. (sometimes they ship from China at this price though, so they take a few weeks to arrive.) You just need micro usb, you don't have to get a charger specifically designed for the Moment. Standards are great!

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