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Initial Setup: In-Store or @Home?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kjarrett, May 16, 2010.

  1. kjarrett

    kjarrett Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Ordered my DI 5/15, not expecting it for a couple of weeks, wondering if I should do as suggested by the VZW rep and bring it in as soon as I get and activate it so they can help me set it up ... they probably just want to sell me accessories (haha, sorry, already got what I need via awesome threads here) ... but anyway ... is there anything significant involved with the setup that would benefit a total n00b by having VZW show the way? TIA -kj-

    p.s. not sure that contacts transfer is a big deal, don't have that many and probably need to delete a ton of 'em anyway...

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  2. thecrock0984

    thecrock0984 Well-Known Member

    You serious? You cant set up a phone? Maybe the INC isnt the phone for you man. Honestly. You Dial a number to activate the phone and thats it. Wow. Bump this guy.
  3. kjarrett

    kjarrett Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    lol thanks, I know it sounds pretty stoopid, but I'm just wondering about all the app setup and other things I'd normally figure out on my own, if having someone walk me through it would save time, that's all. :)
  4. areobe

    areobe Lurker

    It might save you some time, but you lose the fun of figuring it out for yourself. Thats half the fun of using it.

  5. odiej34

    odiej34 Android Enthusiast

    I don't want those knuckleheads any where near my DI. I'm sure they will try to install an app kileer on there for you if you go in. "You Can Do It"!
  6. CatsTide

    CatsTide Android Expert

    while you wait on your phone sign up for a gmail account. then you can add your contacts to it and you'll be ready to go when you get it.
  7. Reddog80p

    Reddog80p Android Enthusiast

    If this is your first android device watch a few youtube vids. This should help with basics... YouTube - AndroidTips's Channel it's old but still works. The vids with the (2.0) is similar to the 2.1 that ships with the DI. You can also search HTC sense 2.1 on youtube and get a look at the UI and widgets etc.
  8. FrozenIpaq

    FrozenIpaq Well-Known Member

    The phone has a nice setup process that walks you through various account settings to setup your phone the way you want to use it. From there it's just a matter of checking the settings of each application to have them behave the way you want.
  9. kjarrett

    kjarrett Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Terrific - thanks!
  10. kjarrett

    kjarrett Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Sounds easy enough...thanks!
  11. kjarrett

    kjarrett Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Interesting, I already have a Gmail account I was going to use, but how does the DI deal with Phone contacts, email contacts, FB contacts, etc.? Does FriendStream sort that all out, eliminate duplicates, etc.?

  12. dragonsamus

    dragonsamus Android Enthusiast

    It's easy. Set it up yourself. I bought mine in store on release day. I told them I'd set it up myself because i didn't want them touching my new phone. :-D
  13. MTC

    MTC Well-Known Member

    When I got mine I tried to activate myself by using *228 and it failed. I didn't come from a smartphone though, this is my first smartphone. I took it in to the store and he just popped the back case off, typed something on the computer, and I was good to go. So you might have to go in to get it activated.
  14. tbta02

    tbta02 Member

    when i entered my gmail address upon activation all my contacts transfered to the phone .they went right to phone contacts .also when i logged into facebook for the first time on this phone it sync all facebook contacts with phone and google contacts automatically .FB pictures were assigned to phone contacts and anyone who has a phone number on facebook profile gets added to your phone contacts also .some phone names are different than FB page names so i sync manually .this phone is easy to use .im not to tech savy and i had no problem setting it up .set up my AOL MAIL easily also and started to recieve messages right away .

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