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Accessories Innocase Rugged Holster Combo For use with Motorola Droid X

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by budd1983, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. budd1983

    budd1983 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Dec 28, 2009
    Does anyone have any pictures of what there X looks like in this case? I am thinking of buying it but I would like to see real pics of it on an X


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  2. jpy

    jpy Member

    May 5, 2010
    For What it's worth, Just purchased the Seidio Innocase Surface/Rugged Combo Value Pack for my Droid X and am very pleased with it. I am a firefighter and as soon as I saw the package with the firefighter label I figured well heck it has to be for me right?

    I really like the fact that this set up is essentially 2 cases in one. The Innocase surface which fits very well and is substantial (more substantial than the VZW snap on case and holster) as far a quality, without being too bulky. Of course cases add bulk and you should not expect for any case to protect your device and not add a little thickness to it. If you require further protection, as I do then you simply install the added rubberized protection of the rugged skin along with the "Skeleton" retaining clip.

    With the value pack you also get 2 holsters one for the Surface skin and one for the added rugged skin. Additionally you get the ultimate screen guard which is better that the VZW screen guards and there is no orange peel effect as with the Zagg Invisible Shield. Great screen protection.

    I am very pleased with the feel and texture, fit and finish of both skins.

    The only thing that I would have like to have seen was some protection of the buttons at the bottom of the screen on my Droid X. I had an Otterbox case for my Storm 1 (please keep the storm comments to yourselves, I realized I made a mistake in November of 2008) and was very pleased with its protection of the buttons and the "built-in" screen protection.

    The $70 price tag for the Combo Value pack may be a little steep for some but I felt it was very worth it. Without seeing the competetor to this case (Otterbox Defender) I can say that this Seidio case is the best out there for extreme protection and not to mention you get 2 cases in one which is fantastic.

    I'll Try to get some photos
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  3. F150FAN

    F150FAN Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2010
    Equipment Operator
    FWIW, when Otterbox finally releases its cases for the Droid X, hopefully soon as I am holding out for one, they will cover the physical buttons on the front of the X. I purchased the Innocase for my X and was not pleased with it. The case fits snug but leaves a gap on the back of the phone near the camera. It does not follow the contour of the phone correctly. It also did not have the felt lining and that is something that I really liked about my previous cases from them. Otterbox appears to be the way to go, for me anyway. Just sharing.
  4. got2havelights


    May 14, 2010
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  5. Huffthestuff

    Huffthestuff New Member

    Oct 11, 2010
    I am also having a hard time deciding between the two. i have never used a Protective case on any of my phones... but this droid X is definitly the nicest one i have personally ever owned, so id like to get one..my Fiance has an I phone an has always had an otterbox on hers and i love it. can litterally throw it accros the room with no worries. and thats what i planned on getting for my droid, and then i saw the Seidio and have been stuck ever since...

    Does anyone have any idea WHEN the otter box comes out? i will be getting my Droid on the 19th and would like to have the case ready. because i am in the ARMY and i leave for a month of training on the 23rd.. so if anyone knows if the otterbox will be avaliable before then or not, please let me know!

    Just to clarify i am talking about the Otterbox Defender Series VS Seidio Innocase Rugged Combo. =)

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