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Inspire+Macbook Compatibility

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by VeryProudOfYa, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. VeryProudOfYa

    VeryProudOfYa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have decided that the Inspire is going to be my first smart phone. I have been curious about the Inspire from CES and this forum has been where i get my daily information. I am wondering how well my music, contacts, and calendar from my macbook pro are going to sync with this phone. Will their be any changing of format for my music?

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  2. g_patrick15

    g_patrick15 Android Enthusiast

    I have had a G1 and a Nexus one synced perfectly on my MBP. I have my contacts in my address book (on the mac) synced with Gmail along with my calendar and email. I haven't had to change any of my music formats, and my iTunes DL'ed music works fine too. I imagine it'll be just as smooth on the Inspire.
  3. coreymcl

    coreymcl Well-Known Member

  4. That would be for the music only
  5. atrembla

    atrembla Lurker

    I have a MBP also, and was able to set the Address Book preferences to sync with Google. Launch Address Book, select preferences from Address Book menu, select the "Account" button, then select Sync with Google, and click the configure button. enter your account info and watch the contacts get loaded to google. You can find them while logged into Gmail, Contacts. The format should be the same as it was for mine. Good luck


  6. Yep that's how I did mine. Google works great with macs.
  7. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast


    Even though I don't use mine as a _primary_ smartphone with my 2010 MBP, I did set it up, just in case.

    I'm a multi-platformist, so I use a lot of devices.

    My two main combos are:

    ThinkPad W510 i7, 8GB, 256GB Vertex 2 SSD equipped Workstation + Android Inspire / Droid X / Captivate

    15" hi-res antiglare MacBook Pro i7, 8GB, 256GB Vertex 2 SSD equipped + iPhone 4

    As well as being required for work, it keeps me up to speed on both sides of the PC and Mac platforms.
  8. ateganda29

    ateganda29 Newbie

    if i do the settings as mentioned above to sync my address book to my google contacts, if i make a change in google contacts, will that automatically change in my address book on my mac? do they sync both ways automatically? cause right now, i used a third party app (spanning sync) to sync my address book and google contacts and sync my htc inspire to google. if this method will do away with using a third party app, that would be great.

    however, i also have an iphone 4 in addition to my htc inspire. my iphone 4 is configured with my mac using mobileme so my address book and calendar are always synced on both devices. if i tick off the box 'sync with google contacts', will that mess up the communication with my iphone, mobileme, and mac? will it create double contacts?

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