Help Install English android on a Chinese phone

I have bought a cheep Xperia s t26i smartphone in china in the belief I easily could change to an English language setting.

I am able to change the language to English on my Chinese phone but many core features and apps continue to be in chinese, like the app browser "play". My goal is to make everything English on my android 4.0 os.

I have researched the possibilities to reinstall an English version of android. But I am not able to find a link to where I can download android, any guides or how toes on google and sonyes support center claims that they won't help or support me with this. Is this possible? And if it is can you give me some advice?

Or do I need to manually get some kind of root acces to change the last few settings?


Android Expert
Usually you would run a RUU (Rom Update Utility)

That installs the entire operating system again.
You can get them from Shipped ROMS.
I've never had to do it for this phone.

Alternatively, and probably better idea is to just get flash tools and the official tft ics file.
Look on xda