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Installation problems w/ new web android market

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by admile3, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. admile3

    admile3 Member
    Thread Starter

    So I'm using the new web-based Android Market (market.android.com) where you can log in, select an app to install, select your device, and it instantly pushes the app to your phone where it automatically downloads and installs... or so in theory

    I had no trouble logging in, no trouble selecting an app to download, and no trouble actually having it download to my phone.

    However, once the app downloaded, it would just disappear, and would not install

    It would hit 100% on the download, and then instead of going to "Installing" in the drop-down notification, it just would disappear. It gives me NO sort of error warning or message. It just downloads it and then disappears, as if nothing had happened.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Are there any fixes to it? I'm hoping its just a problem on Google's end, considering this feature is brand spankin' new as of less than 12 hrs ago.

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  2. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    Try clearing the data and cache for the Market by following the steps in my sig

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