Installed a rom without option to sign in with google.



Just recently I have been running into a problem. I have a Motorola Droid 1. The most recent android version publicly available is 2.2.3. Someone updated it to 4.1.1. It took me an hour but i got it installed. The phone is rooted. I have a big problem: I cant sign in with google. This seems like a small problem but it is not. I cant open anything google related. Google play didnt come on it so i downloaded the apk. Whenever i launch it it just crashes instantly. When i try to sign in youtube it just dosent let me. When I try to add an account, there is no option for google.


Often Off Piste

Most roms which don't have Google apps built in have a gapps package available for flashing to give the Google functions of you want them. Suggest you look at the rom developers website.