Root Installed Rubix Focused 1.0, having usb issues


I installed the ROM fresh last night,wiped the data and cache, my friend did the same thing also, now neither one of us can charge via USB, when we plug in the phones to our comps the phone doesn't even say its connected so the menu for "Mass Storage" or "Charging" doesn't appear on the notification bar. We have the the latest moto drivers and everything, is there something we're supposed to turn on or something? The only time it charges is when plugged into the wall, can't access SD card or anything. Anyone else have this issue?
I have had this issue before, but it's not necessarily tied to Rubix I don't think. In any event...try uninstalling your drivers and reinstalling them. I know that sounds dumb, but it worked for me. Let me know how it turns out!

Mr. G.


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I've been having this same issue ever since I installed focused 1.0. I haven't figured it out yet but I'm going to try reinstalling the drivers.
Yes - I also had the problem. So if you successfully installed the drivers originally you can search for "Motorola Driver Installer.exe" on your computer. I used the "clean and reinstall" option while my phone was plugged in and nothing happened. But when I unplugged and replugged, they installed. (all but one - "MTP USB failed").

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I tried reinstalling the moto drivers and rebooting my PC but that didn't help. I noticed that when I plug my phone in, the screen lights up as if it knows it's plugged in, but I never get any notifications or anything, and it never starts charging. I also tried it on a different PC that my phone had never been plugged into (so it didn't have any drivers), but same thing. I'm going to link back to this thread on another post and see if anyone else is having this issue. I have a theme installed so I may go so far as to do a backup and see if it works on fresh rubux.