Installed SuperOneClick (now have issues)


As I'm sure you have already been around the block with people asking questions about Rooting I myself have been doing some homework and after weeks of relentless troubleshooting and investigating I maid an attempt at it. However I never got past Installing SuperOneClick to my PC (using windows XP-Pro). Once the zip file was downloaded I unzipped all files and accidently clicked the "adp.exe" file and the command promt came up and ran a command automatically. I'm not sure what was done but I know every time I connect my LG Optimus V to my PC it now says connecting with ADP(HTC)? Also now that this is done I am unable to even run the SOC without it ending with FAILED!!!
If anyone can help with either killing/removing the adp that was installed or have advise on the steps to take to continue Rooting the phone I really would appreciate it.



Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I hope you get the help to straighten things out for you. Best of luck. :)