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Installing apps on Kurio

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Eugene, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Eugene

    Eugene Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    If Google Play is not present in the Kurio (according to the FAQ) can additional apps still be installed? Can I download the .apk's on another device and copy them over?

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  2. sinean

    sinean Newbie

    Yes you can as long as unknown sources are checked under security settings.
  3. Eugene

    Eugene Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    These were on sale for $149 so we picked one up. I was able to back up a paid app on my phone and install it there. It was a game we bought for my kids so its not something I'll ever play on mine so I can just uninstall from mine.
    Tried copying the .apk for google play store over but it doesn't seem to work, however Amazon's app store does and has plenty of free stuff. Had to register an amazon account and just hit home at the last step when it asked fora credit card # and it still created the account so was able to sign in and he can "buy" free games.

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