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Installing from Untrusted Sources

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Frozen-Solid, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. eldojc93

    eldojc93 Lurker

    u can download the non market apps enabler from marketplace to enable the unknown sources checkbox its about 2$ and its great without having to root the phone or doing over dev stuff. hope it helps

  2. patdoherty

    patdoherty Lurker

    Hope I didn't miss this but this issue with the backflip and unable to install non-market apps is solved with "AndroidCenteral Sideload Wonder Machine" USB/DeBug = success! I use version 1.2. Worked first time for me without a hitch.
  3. ramairrocket

    ramairrocket Lurker

    Now I haven't done this yet but if you download it onto your computer then try and put it on your phone from your computer see if that works.
  4. ramairrocket

    ramairrocket Lurker

    ok what you do is go to the android market look up Motorola backflip side loader enabler and it will let you download things from unknown sources

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