Root installing ICS confusion??


Ok so I am a complete newb to using roms, rooting phoines etc..I have been building computers since I was 8 (im 29) so Im sure once I do it, it will be easy. I just cant find a good how-to that walks through all the steps of taking a STOCK non rooted verizon samsung fascinate and getting ICS on it. It seems like there are 30 different ways, some work, so dont.

Can someone point me to a good step by step for someone with a bone stock phone?

Also I want to get TWC 2.0 streaming app to work and I have read about renaming the supueruser.apk, and some people having that work..will this be easy for me to recognize once rooted/rom'd??


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ok. i can help ya get to ICS on the fascinate. You will need several things and it takes several steps. so before i go through the list let me know for sure if you are ready to do this. pz