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Installing SubSonic 4.0.1 onto FreeNAS 0.7.1

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Talderon, Aug 10, 2010.

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    I originally posted this here: Subsonic Forum :: View topic - [HOW -TO] Install Subsonic 4.0.1 on FreeNAS 0.7.1 but wanted to share with others in case there are people that want to use this application. The android client works really well and my wife's iPhone works great with it too!

    Installing SubSonic 4.0.1 onto FreeNAS 0.7.1

    I found the initial guide on Subsonic.org forums, however, it was for an older version of FreeNAS and Subsonic, so I thought I would update things a little and see if this helps anyone out that is trying to get this going.

    Few things to note:
    1. I have hosted the files myself since this guide is meant for a specific versions of these packages. They were not easy to find so I wanted to make sure I could help out. I included MD5's for them files so you can check that they are untampered. :)
    2. I cannot guarantee this will work with future versions of Subsonic or FreeNAS.
    3. I offer no warranties on anything you do with this guide.
    4. I have only done this on 32bit, have not tried, nor can I offer help on 64bit.
    5. Credits: I used many scattered sources to get this all together and working, I can't recall all the sources, but THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!! Of course, thanks goes out to all the Dev's for Subsonic and FreeNAS. :)


    First of all, download all of the binaries that you will need:

    Terminal app:

    I suggest Putty, it's free, Google it.

    FreeNAS 0.7.1 (32bit): Download FreeNAS from SourceForge.net

    Subsonic 4.0.1 Standalone: Download subsonic from SourceForge.net

    Go here: FreeBSD Foundation Java Downloads
    --Download: Diablo Latte JRE 1.6.0-7 FreeBSD 7.x/i386 End-User 27M diablo-jre-freebsd7.i386.

    javavmwrapper-2.3.2: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3963477/FreeNAS/javavmwrapper-2.3.2.tbz
    MD5: e640b74fa891e1a77e339c87e3879b02

    xextproto-7.0.2: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3963477/FreeNAS/xextproto-7.0.2.tbz
    MD5: e2f6a3f9e4af171d827729ce0372ca46

    xproto-7.0.10_1: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3963477/FreeNAS/xproto-7.0.10_1.tbz
    MD5: 6993357516d793e41eec42357ee4667c

    xtrans-1.0.4: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3963477/FreeNAS/xtrans-1.0.4.tbz
    MD5: 58e5d17f49f83a2aae2953696e8e0c80


    *Ok, now that is all downloaded, you will need to burn the FreeNAS ISO to a CD.
    *Boot up the CD
    *Once you get to the "Console setup" page, choose option 9) Install/Upgrade to hard drive/flash device, etc.
    *On the "Install" screen, choose option 3) Install 'full' OS on HDD + DATA + SWAP partition
    *Select the Source CD drive (acd0 for example if you have one ATA CDROM drive).
    *Select the Destination HDD that you want to install and boot FreeNAS from (ad0 for example if you want to install it on the master hard drive on the ATA channel 1).
    --Personally, I chose to use a 2GB Partition for FreeNAS so I can make sure I have room to expand (2048MB for those that need to know). Other partitions I left Default.
    *In both cases, once FreeNAS is installed, follow the instructions, remove the CD and when the menu comes up again
    *Pree ESC or select 'Exit' and enter to exit to the main menu
    *Select 7 to reboot the computer.

    At this point, you should be going straight into the FreeNAS main screen.

    You will need to note the Interface IP Address and make sure it is set up correctly for your network.

    Now that you have this installed, you will want to enable SSH onto your server so you can open a terminal window and do your work there rather than from the GUI, which is, at best, not easy for this kind of work.

    http://<your-freenas-server>/ in your browser. This is displayed on the main screen of your FreeNAS terminal. If you need more help about this, google it. :)

    Mouse over Access and click on Users and add yourself as a user:

    Options are self explainatory, but set these:

    Shell: bash
    Primary group: admin

    Click Save

    Mouse over Services then click on SSH

    Setup with the following:

    TCP Port: 22
    Permit Root Login: Checked
    Password Authentication: Checked

    Click Save and Restart

    Wait for reboot to complete.

    Upload the files:

    Mouse over Advanced then click Command

    Click on "Choose File" button and upload the packages and the app (listed above)

    They will be uploaded to the server in /var/tmp/

    SSH to your server:

    UserID: root
    Passwd: {admin password which you set when setting up FreeNAS}

    cd /var/tmp
    ls -l (to verify the files are uploaded)

    Type the following commands one at a time:

    pkg_add -v -r xtrans-1.0.4.tbz
    pkg_add -v -r xproto-7.0.10_1.tbz
    pkg_add -v -r xextproto-7.0.2.tbz
    pkg_add -v -r javavmwrapper-2.3.2.tbz

    Once those are installed, install the JRE:

    pkg_add -v diablo-jre-freebsd7.i386.

    Hit enter for defaults and to scroll through the License Agreement.

    Type yes and hit enter when asked if you agree.

    Type the following to prepare to install Subsonic:

    cd /var
    mkdir subsonic
    cd subsonic
    mkdir standalone
    cd standalone

    Copy the install files to the new folder

    mv /var/tmp/subsonic-4.0.1-standalone.tar.gz /var/subsonic/standalone/subsonic-4.0.1-standalone.tar.gz

    Unpack the file:

    tar vxfz subsonic-4.0.1-standalone.tar.gz

    This should unpack the files here (/var/subsonic/standalone).

    Backup one directory:

    cd ..

    Create the Transcoder directory:

    mkdir transcode

    Install the trasncoder packages:

    pkg_add -v -r mac
    pkg_add -v -r lame
    pkg_add -v -r flac

    NOTE: If you get an error with the LAME package download/install, use one of the following:

    pkg_add -r -v http://ftp.urc.ac.ru/pub/OS/FreeBSD/packages-7/Latest/lame.tbz


    pkg_add -r -v http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3963477/FreeNAS/lame.tbz
    MD5: 9cddcbd38888647deb753993af306906

    COPY (NOT move) them to the transcoder directory:

    cp /usr/local/bin/lame /var/subsonic/transcode
    cp /usr/local/bin/lame /var/subsonic/transcode
    cp /usr/local/bin/lame /var/subsonic/transcode

    Now to fix the startup script:

    cd /var/subsonic/standalone
    vi subsonic.sh

    Here, you will want to delete or comment out the following lines:

    cd $(dirname $0)
    if [ -e /bin/readlink ] || [ -e /usr/bin/readlink ]; then
    cd $(dirname $(readlink -f $0))

    You will in its place, add the following line:

    cd `dirname $0`

    Save and exit.

    Start Subsonic on bootup:

    In the FreeNAS web interface, go to System > Advanced > Command script and add the following "PostInit" script:


    That's it! Done! Reboot to get it running and make sure it's all set.

    Go to http://<your-freenas-server>:4040 to start using Subsonic.

    Error logs are at:


    I hope this helps!! Also, it's 2am here and I am waiting for UAT Testers to finish while I am writting this, so if there are any mistakes, mispellings or whatever, sorry about that, I'll try and edit this and keep it corrected.

    Thanks again all!


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