Root Installing the Default HTC ROM

Hi All,

After the umpteenth 'cannot install app, low on space' warning, I really need to get rid of the bloatware on my Orange Desire (Monopoly demo, Orange maps, Orange App Store, etc,etc.)

After browsing several posts on several forums, I think I need to install the factory HTC ROM WITHOUT the Orange branding. I believe I do not need to perform a root for this, just a flash. I have a few questions:

Can someone supply the URL for the most up-to-date version of the HTC Desire ROM.

Will I lose all my downloaded apps that are on the root drive?

If so, can anyone recommend a backup that will restore these apps after I've flashed? (I should point out that I work on a cruise ship with VERY expensive and VERY slow internet connectivity, so backup/restore apps that use a WiFi connection to a laptop are not my first choice.)

WIll the apps that I moved to SD (using App2SD) automatically set themselves up in the right place, etc.....

Will I lose my stored texts, calendar data, etc?

I apologise to whoever answers this,as they've probably made similar posts on a gazillion threads. I just don't have enough money to browse forums at my leisure due to the slow internet link (I have to wait til we reach a port with free WiFi.)

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The orange apps are in the /system partition where android is. The /system partition is not where you install apps. That's the /data partition.

Since these apps are in the /system partition which is a fixed 250 MB,(data is 148) no matter what official Rom, you flash, everything remains the same size.

This means that no official release, branded or not will give you anymore space.

There are 2 options. You can go to the tips and tricks sub forum and force apps to sd cars. There is a guide there. You can move some apps to sd that you currentlycan't. You may save 15MB or more by doing this.

Or root and flash a custom Rom. This is bigger and will void warranty so think long and hard about that.

You should read the root and a2sd faqs in my signature.

Hope this helps


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Many thanks for your reply.

The space I hope I'll reclaim is by removing the Orange bloatware from the installed apps.

Will that give more more accessible space?

EDIT: Errr...... just re-read the first para of your post. DOH! Please ignore my ignorance!