Installtion of .exe file

I have samsung galaxy GT-5510 model and i installed a file of wifi(Rukus) from which we can access internet after successfully installation of this file and this file is in form of .exe file. When i opened the file(file name is prov.exe,,this file basically is wifi router file which gives access to us to communicate with internet after successfully installing it) ,it showed message (NO APPLICATION CAN PERFORM THIS ACTION).
Without this file ,im not able to connect my mobile wifi to campus wifi..
plzzzz give the solution how can i run .exe file inmy samsung galaxy gt-5510 model


there is NO way you can run a exe on a android device, sorry.

exe is a windows only installation/program file

you need it to connect to schools wifi? never heard of that before....


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A .exe file is an executable file for DOS/Windows. Android is a flavour of Linux, which is a UNIX-based system, so it cannot run that type of program unless you install some kind of virtualization software/emulator.

I'm sure you can still connect with your phone, ask the IT department, maybe you'll have to setup a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your phone and this .exe does this for you on a PC.