Insufficient Storage Error


Insufficient Storage Error
I have a Sony Ericson Live with Walkman with a 32Gb SD Card installed. I am getting the Error: Insufficient Storage Available whenever the phone wants to update installed apps, and also when I try to install a new app. The phone is not rooted and I wouldn


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Apps need some space on the phone's hard drive to run. The only way to bypass that is by rooting. You seem to be at your phone's app limit. It needs to save some space for cache and expanding apps (apps that get bigger as you use them).


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The problem is that your phone's internal memory (not SD card storage) is full. That memory typically fills up from installing apps, and from things like POP mail, text messages, and browser temporary files. You may want to try to delete emails & texts (especially MMS messages) and clear the cache from apps by going into settings/applications and then clearing the cache from any apps that show that they contain large amounts of data-- especially the browser and Maps.

POP mail is a big offender because it doesn't clean itself out. IMAP or MAPI based mail (like Gmail or Hotmail) is not a problem because it smartly caches emails in and out of your phone as needed.)


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All of the above and if you do root the phone you can install Link2SD or similar and,"Freeze apps you don't use too often until you need them to free-up internal space.

HTH :)