Insufficient storage issues...


Okay so, this is either a common problem or something that just affects those of us without luck! Having just googled it in fact, I went through all the instructions before I even read them and yep, not a thing.

I have the original LG Tribute... I know I know, I'm OCD and cheap, and normally the thing gives me everything I need, though it's giving me headaches ATM. So it has Android 4.4.2, has a 32 gig external and I believe a 4 gig internal. Everything that can be on the SD card is there... And even so, I have 300 MB free on the internal. Some apps will update, others will not. (Waze, KIK, Amazon)

Now in one breath it could be those apps, but it was happening before a lot worse before I essentially formatted the phone. Everything was good at first and yep, here I am again!

So naturally I'd like any thoughts or help on this, and thank you in advance!


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The phone will keep a minimum amount of internal storage free as working memory (for temporary files), and if downloading or installing an app would bring the free space below that it will refuse to install it (including updates). That's my guess at what's happening here.

What that limit is depends on the phone. For modern phones it can be 500MB or even more, but for an old one with little storage to start with it will be lower. But I'd be amazed if it wasn't at least 200MB, and 300MB is quite possible.

There's nothing you can do apart from move what you can to sd, uninstall stuff you don't use, clear any old data. Moving apps to SD only actually moves part of the app, and not the app's internal data, so install or updating apps on sd still uses internal space and the system limit will still stop you doing this if you have insufficient internal space left.


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@Hadron - Hello and thanks for the reply! First yes, that would seem to make sense, and is still happening... Even when I seemingly have a lot of free memory on the internal... Well free for this phone. And yep, makes sense that even when you move an app to the SD, there's still remnants left on the internal. Either way appreciate the help!