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Insurance Options for Xoom

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dunbar, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Dunbar

    Dunbar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    How does this compare to the best buy warranty?

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  2. tyneusch

    tyneusch Well-Known Member

    How does this compare to the best buy warranty?

    Insurance option questions have come up in a few other threads but I wanted to make a new one to discuss our options for this device.

    As you all know, Best Buy offers insurance on their products and I believe (I could easily be wrong) they are charging $150 for their replacement plan.

    I have checked on SquareSpace and they do not yet have a Xoom specific insurance plan but they quoted me $130 for a 3 year warrantee which covers parts and labor. This was on a Tablet of $800.

    I am not too sure what Verizon will charge as you have to have a data plan with them in order to be covered under their insurance. My guess would be between $5 and $10 per month added to that minimum $20 data plan.

    If you have other ideas as to what insurance options are out there please feel free to discuss them here.
  3. melantus

    melantus Well-Known Member

  4. ckeegan

    ckeegan Android Enthusiast

    I believe the Best Buy replacement plan for the Galaxy Tab is $109 (1 year) and $139 (2 year), but I may be wrong. I am also pretty sure there is no deductible whatsoever.

    As for Verizon, their tablet insurance/warranty are $1.99/month for the extended warranty, and/or $9/month for Equipment Protection (handled by Asurion). However, there is a deductible of $129 per claim, and you also have a 2 claim limit per 12 month period.

    Honestly, comparing the two, Best Buy's option seems like a no-brainer if the pricing for the Galaxy Tab remains true for the XOOM.
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  5. marctronixx


    also, for those of us who are not verizon customers, best buy's policy looks great. i will also be looking into my homeowners insurance as well..
  6. tyneusch

    tyneusch Well-Known Member

    SquareTrade's policy is also a no deductable policy. You can pay the full amount or monthly. It covers everyday wear and tear as well as 100% parts and labor.
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  7. Aookay

    Aookay Android Enthusiast

    The Best Buy ones will be a little more than the tab ones, considering the pricing of the Xoom is higher,

    I think the biggest difference between the Best Buy one and the Square trade one is that you have to pay a deductable for Accidental damage claims, and once you do a claim, it fufills your warranty and you have to purchase another one. It's also extra for Accidental damage, 80 dollars from what I saw (which would bring it to 200 dollars).

    There are a lot of pros and cons with each plan, for me personally though, being able to go into a store and have them take care of it makes it so much easier. With squaretrade you have to send it to them =/
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  8. melantus

    melantus Well-Known Member

    It's actually 109.99 1 year, and 239.99 for 2 years.

    Samsung - Galaxy Tab 3G (Sprint) - BBSPHP1TAB

    Also if you click that link they have a pdf for the plans that goes over what is covered. I'd have to agree having the option to just go store and drop off is great.
  9. p8ntballah21

    p8ntballah21 Android Enthusiast

    In your second paragraph..what plan are you refering to?
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  10. melantus

    melantus Well-Known Member

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  11. Dunbar

    Dunbar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    In order to help me justify the cost, could someone tell me I would be stupid not to purchase the warranty? :)
  12. tyneusch

    tyneusch Well-Known Member

    If you are paying that much for a state of the art tab, you WOULD be stupid not to purchase some kind of replacement warranty. Besides, after spending $870 on the tab itself, whats another 120?;)
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  13. FearSys

    FearSys Lurker

    Do you have to buy the insurance at time of purchase?
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  14. ckeegan

    ckeegan Android Enthusiast

    Thanks, obviously a big difference. Now do I go with 1 year or 2 years? Hmmm? :thinking:

    Wonder what the prices for the Xoom will be?
  15. mplevy

    mplevy Android Expert

    Squaretrade allows you up to 90 days from date of purchase to buy their warranty. I'm betting Best Buy will only let you buy it at the time of purchase.
  16. marctronixx


    you are probably correct mplevy, however look it it this way.

    best buy--if you need to take advantage of the insurance, you walk into any of their stores and you get taken care of that day.

    square trade, you have to mail it in to get the process started...

    with best buy, you pay for the convenience. personally, i want that luxury of same day service..
  17. marctronixx


    square trade is the one in that once you put a claim on their insurance, you no longer have the squaretrade insurance (its been fulfilled) and would have to look to new insurance...

  18. tyneusch

    tyneusch Well-Known Member

    I agree with you completely. I wanted to start this thread so that people and Xoom buyers would know their options. I mentioned SquareTrade due to their price but as you mentioned, the luxuray of walking into a Best Buy store is worht the extra $10 to $15 bucks (Shipping fees)
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  19. Dunbar

    Dunbar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone have any idea what kind of warranty would be available from Costco? I seem to recall that they have a great warranty for no additional cost, although I might be remembering that optimistically.
  20. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Android Expert

    You are wrong about this.

    This is an email I got back from Squaretrade explaining their setup a bit more

    Also, the $50 deductible is ONLY on cell phones (maybe tablets), but not laptops.

    [FONT=Arial,Sans-Serif]"""Dear Josh,[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial,Sans-Serif]Thank you for contacting SquareTrade. [/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial,Sans-Serif]Your SquareTrade Care Plan starts out with a maximum coverage amount. In most cases, the maximum coverage amount is equal to the purchase price of your item. If you have an approved claim for repair, the cost of that repair is deducted from the coverage amount.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial,Sans-Serif]For example, if your item cost $500, your coverage starts at $500. If we pay $200 to repair the item on your first claim, your remaining coverage would be worth $300, and you'd have this amount to use for a future claim. [/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial,Sans-Serif]You are entitled to additional repairs on future claims if we determine there is enough value left in your warranty to cover the cost of additional repairs; otherwise, we would pay you the remaining value of the warranty to use toward a replacement item.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial,Sans-Serif]Once the coverage value is used up, your warranty would be complete and SquareTrade would have no further obligation to assist you with additional repairs."""

    Also, from their more detail window when looking at ADH: [/FONT]"There is a $50 deductible when claiming accidental damage on Cell Phones only; SquareTrade has waived the deductible for all other ADH claims. There is no deductible if your issue occurred during normal use. ADH only covers new items - see complete details here."
  21. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Android Expert

    its not going to be an extra 10-15 bucks, Squaretrade gives you a 3 year accidental warranty, with Best Buy that would be well into a hundred more than what Squaretrade charges.

    Look at my above post.

    They also do not charge shipping and handling, they cover that cost. The cost of the repair is relayed to you so you know the amount of coverage that is being used, and they also replace it if it cannot be repaired within 5 days of being received at the facility.

    If BBY does a REPLACEMENT plan you get a one time replacement unit and you have to rebuy the warranty, and since the warranty WILL be more expensive than Squaretrade's it is in essence the same thing.
  22. marctronixx


    first off relax sir/maam. i didnt mean to cause any harm... :)

    im not wrong however i did word my post incorrectly to which i apologize.

    let me preface by saying i have used square trade on one or two items back in the early 2000s and the way you posted it is how the insurance works as i have had to do claims, however when i had to make a claim they just flat out sent me a replacement unit and that was that. there was no repair costs as they deemed it simpler to just replace.. so im not entirely wrong and i would place a small wager that if the xoom was damaged badly enough the square trade folks would just total it out (a loss) and send you a replacement (could be refurbed) unit or the value in check form and then that would satisfy the agreement.

    best buys insurance is for the length of the item you have insured. squaretrade is dependent on the value remaining on the tablet.

    with square trade, if you pay 650 bux for the tablet and you lose the tablet or its damaged beyond repair, you get a replacement but then thats it. you cant do any smaller claims (say the hdmi or usb port is damaged AFTER you have made the big claim) you have no value on your insurance thru square trade. not to mention you still have to ship it off and be without any replacement during the time it takes square trade to repair or replace it (which is dependent on what they think needs to happen.)

    there are pros and cons to each and one plan may work for some but not others. i am pleased , as im sure most of you are reading this, that there are OPTIONS to choose from instead of one.

    the square trade option is not in line with my power user needs and i need to know i have 100% insurance on my item without having to itemize the "Value" of it over time if i need repairs.

    thank you sir/maam for pointing out my post and allowing me time to correct my mis-wording... :)

  23. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Android Expert

    Sorry if you took it as me attempting to be rude, that was 100% NOT what I was trying to do.

    I do want to clarify, Best Buy's warranties (if repair Black Tie Protection), cover up to the cost of the unit at which point and time they usually elect to replace it with another equal or better unit (worked there for 3 years, this is how it is done). In other words, if your laptop has its mobo repaired, and then it needs it again and this exceeds the cost of the unit, they will consider the warranty fulfilled and just give you a new one, which you WILL need to buy another warranty for if you want one.

    With Squaretrade, they don't replace the unit anymore they just credit you the full amount left on the warranty ($200 worth repair, 400 left over if the next repair is over 400 they give you a credit of 400 via paypal/check to use however you want).

    So yeah, while Best Buy will repair it over and over at times, the minute it is over the original cost of the unit they will replace it, which in essence is a bit better than Squaretrade.

    And I will concede it is easier to walk into Best Buy, but oftentimes you still have to wait for a refurb to be shipped back/for yours to be repaired. They ended just replacing them in store for most units.

    P.S. I will 100% concede also that if you get the screen replaced, even if it is 100% of the item, when you go back into Best Buy they will replace/repair the broken port etc. I just don't want people to think that you will always get a replacement via Best Buy. Trust me, with a laptop it still has to be sent out for service and you will oftentimes be without it for 2-3 weeks or more.

    In fact the easiest way to guarantee a replacement is to just drop it and cause as much accidental damage as possible, but that is fraud...

    So again, I guess we are both right and wrong in our own way and I apologize if I sounded harsh or rude, that was not my intent at all.
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  24. vcarvega

    vcarvega Newbie

    I thought about insurance as well... but BB's coverage includes 'user error'... dropping, spilling, etc.. Verizon's plan includes this as well, but you're only covered while subscribing to the data plan. Plus, w/ Verizon (and my insurance for that matter) you have to pay a high deductable on top of the monthly billing.
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  25. Mitchrapp

    Mitchrapp Android Enthusiast

    Companies make big money on getting insurance. High percentage don't actually need them. Tabs, like computers -- if they're going to break, it's usually very early. You'll get covered under the default warranty.

    After that, just be careful. Not to belittle anyone who gets insurance but its a waste :)

    And to someone who said, "you're paying top dollar for a tab, what's an extra 120" -- hmm. That makes no sense.

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