Intense Power Duck [GAME]

Hey everyone!

I have just finished developing my first android game, "Intense Power Duck", and it is now available on the Play Store for $0.99 USD

It is a run and jump 2D side scrolling style game.


Intense Power Duck is ready for you! But are you ready for Intense Power Duck? Do you have the skill? Is this... your destiny?

As Intense Power Duck runs, tap the screen to make him jump or double jump, to collect destiny bread and enlightening eggs for points, and also collect powerups and bonuses like flight mode, invincibility mode, or and the big bonus rainbow egg for heaps of points! But you must also avoid a variety of obstacles such as kamikaze ninja ducks, spikes, and duct tape, to survive, and thus continue your endeavour for inner peace, enlightenment, and/or a high score. This truly is your destiny...
• Choose your theme! - start with a few like plains and desert, and then unlock awesome themes such as volcano and underwater, by getting high scores!
• Play as different ducks! - start with several ducks, and when you get high scores you will unlock epic ducks like ninja master and trenchcoat sunglasses duck!
• Avoid a variety of obstacles, including kamikaze ninja ducks, spikes, duct tape, road cones, snowballs, space rocks, and more!
• Collect the invincibility powerup which grows your duck and makes it temporarily invincible! Or collect the wings powerup to make your duck fly super fast!
• Collect bread for a few points, and eggs of various colours, for many points, and giant rainbow eggs for bonus points!
• Realistic physics for jumping and obstacle movement!
• Intense Power Duck speeds up the longer you run!
• The 480 x 800 resolution running at 60 frames per second looks intensely awesome and amazing!
• Your highest score is stored on your device!
• No limit to your score! Run as long as you can survive for!

You need a phone with android 2.2 minimum and an Armv7 processor to download it.

Download and rate it well, if you want to :)