Interesting conversation with VZW tech on silent bug


Android Enthusiast
I talked with a VZW tech just a few minutes ago.

I described her the silent bug problem on 2.1.

She said she is a Droid user and her daughter has an Eris.
She said she had frequent freezeup on her Droid and now she reccomends to do one reboot every day. She says she had not had a problem since she has been doing this.

She made a mark on my file about my complain and recommended to try the once-a-day reboot for a week. If the problem persists, the store will issue a new phone.

I will try this reboot thing each night, will see how it goes.
I am a bit worried about the exchange - they perhaps would give me a refurb, and what is the guarantie that I won't end up with the same problem.