Feb 1, 2016
I normally use Android File Transfer to add and remove media files to my phone. However, it's not working with my tablet; somehow, no one at Verizon felt it necessary to tell me that Apple doesn't support this model when I bought it. Is there a third party app to get this to work? I'd really like to be able to beta test apps without going to the cloud first...
I have 7 tablets here from different brands and different version of Android and all of them are working with my Macs using Android File Transfer. Now for some version of Android you might have to bring down the notification on the device and tell it what you want to do over the cable. One of my device mounts as a drive instead of the AFT. What device do you have and what version of Android?
Just upgrading to lollipop... The thing is, Verizon's tech support themselves said Apple doesn't support it... I was wondering if there was a workaround other than putting my files into Google Drive and having to download them from the cloud...