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Intermittent Power On Issue - Reward

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Blain Lefort, Aug 3, 2018.

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    I've been working with my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 for a few months, and continue to have an intermittent power on issue. I've seen about every post and youtube video.

    Maybe not necessary in a helpful user community such as this, but I'll offer a $10 reward for the first person who can provides "the" solution that "sticks." Let me explain:

    - Had the black screen of death, but no lighted buttons at all.
    - Replaced the battery months ago, even before the issue, and moved from a 1 hour usage time, to 6+ hours of usage (happy dance!)
    - Have reseated the flat power cable many times.
    - Have reseated the display cable many times.
    - Have replaced the flat power / USB cable
    - Have removed the magnet from my case

    Current state: Sometimes can use for days, sometimes only one session before the tablet won't start up after going to sleep. If it's working, the home button will restore the tablet from sleep mode. If it doesn't wake up, it is in a full power off mode.

    I was taking apart the back and reseating cables (expert), but then moved to just removing the back cover and replacing (expert), and that was working more often than not. A power source would have to provided though. Lately, I've found that only connecting power may restore (the fully "off" battery meter shows up) without a cable reseat or removal of the back, and then the tablet can be restarted.

    If connecting to power doesn't work, pressing the screen in various places (near usb / home button or near reset/volume buttons) may get to the same state. Rarely do I have to open the back.

    Relevant note?: I can sometimes shut down the tablet by pressing the center of the screen.

    Short suspects list, which isn't so short:
    - Bad alignment of case. The two tabs on the back may not be aligned to the slots for them near the battery and PC boards. Seems OK since I've not had to open the back for the last several incidents. <- Prime #1
    - Bad power switch? <-Prime #2
    - An app? Regularly used apps, in order of frequency include: Email, Gmail, Flipboard, Words with Friends, Boggle with Friends, Zynga Poker, Chrome, Monopoly, Youversion Bodyboarding, Songster, Yousician, Alto's adventure. Pretty tame list, yes?
    - Bad Battery?
    Has anybody else recovered from this type of state with a stable tablet after some remediation?

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