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If the internal SD card is wiped, will the tablet still boot up?

Lordvincent 90

Hi and welcome to the forum. Yes, if you wipe the internal sdcard the tablet will still boot. The operating system lives on its own partition separate from the sdcard :)

Lordvincent 90

Now, keep in mind i do not own your device, but in general, the sdcard is used to store files you downloaded (music, ringtones, pictures, text files, etc) and extra files that some applications need to access when you open them (for example, some games do this. The download for the game is small, but then it downloads an "additional file" once you open it. This additional file is stored on the sdcard)

The operating system is stored on a completely separate partition. The only way to access this partition is with root access (and even then it's separate from the sdcard)

Apps you download are even generally stored on a partition separate from the sdcard (they live on the /data partition. Specifically in /data/app)

A lot of devices have started using emulated storage for the internal sdcard. Meaning that the sdcard isn't on its own partition, but actually a folder inside the data partition ( /data/media or something similar )

So, in short, the internal sdcard acts much like an external sdcard. The files the operating system uses are stored separately from the sdcard