Help internal storage question


I could have sworn when i 1st used this phone, it had over 1gb of internal memory. Now when i checked my storage use ,it said i have 161mb used and 270mb free.

How much memory is my phone supposed to have??

I looked up the official specs online and they all say 2gb. is something wrong with my phone?


Yeah the internal memory issue is by far the biggest annoyance when it comes to my Evo Shift.. the 'low storage' space icon continuously pops up... & even after moving every app to the SD card in which it's possible to do so, I was still plagued with this issue... at this point i've deleted over half my apps & the icon still pops up about every 1-2 weeks!

When checking my internal storage space it's a similar situation to yours; only a few hundred mb is listed as present...


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You're internal storage is not your 2GB SD card, it's the area in which apps are installed. It's probably limited to 512MB or so. If you move things to the SD card, you'll hopefully free up some of that internal space.



I have the same issue. I am allowed to move some apps to the SD card and others that I have downloaded do not give me the option to move them to the SD card. How can I direct apps to the SD card to free up internal space?