Apr 8, 2010
I've had my Incredible for a month now and feel it is the best phone I've had. I'm coming from a Palm Treo 755P which I thought was good, but now looks like a brick.

This morning I tried to make an international call from the Inc. and received a message from VW that the number was not in service or had been changed. My contacts list has a prefix of '+' in front of international numbers. The Palm recognized that and substituted a 011 instead. When I changed the number in the Inc. and added the 011, the call went through with no problem.

I have tried international calls with Assisted Dialing on and off, and there is no difference. Is there a special way that international numbers need to be stored on the Inc. for the '+' to be recognized?
I had to contact VW directly to authorize my line to dial international. Is it possible that you lost the authorization when you upgraded your device?
I do have international dialing enabled. I can make the call if I prefix the number with 011, just not when I prefix it with the usual +.
Sorry - I misunderstood your issue. Try this:
At the home screen - go to menu
then go to settings
then go to call
then go to assisted dialing
choose the country
then tap edit
enter the "+" under NDD - I think that will cause your phone to recognize the number as an international number.
Tried that. INC. gives me a message that I can only enter a numeric value in that field.

Thankfully, I don't make that many international calls, so it's not a major problem.