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Hi, i am a new pie to android, i just from my iphone 4 to samsung galaxy note 2. Now, question is, is it posible for me to download apps using my pc and get them transferred to my phone? And if its possible how do i do it? Cause my problem is I don't have any data plan or wi-fi access.If it isn't possible, what is the alternative of (GOOGLE PLAY)?!


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Google's play store requires you connect to it from the device. Downloading apps to a pc and then copying them over is a violation of the TOS. You might look into They might have that option, otherwise you are going to have to find a wifi hotspot to download from. I definitely do NOT recommend downloading apps from untrusted or file sharing sites. They are most likely pirated and quite possibly injected with malware.


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Do you know anyone with a data plan and a decent phone who could set up a wifi hotspot for you (for the price of a few beers perhaps)


Google WonderShare Mobile for Android
They may have a trial version you can use..
You can download all apps thru it from the Play store & install them to your phn
And if your rooted it also has to option to install to sd card..