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[International] BRICKED my HTC ONE 802W

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bextonbeck, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. bextonbeck

    bextonbeck Lurker
    Thread Starter

    ... well this is what I think.

    i bought this one in China due to double sim card and micro SD memory slot.
    but as in Chinese (Weibo form China Unicom, please correct me if not...coz' I 'm newbie (?)) , I wanted to root it and install google Play things because I can't read Chinese even in HTC Market, and customize the blink feed etc.

    I read and read and found a way to make it happen, with Moonrise.
    After unlocking from HTC dev, I realized it was not S-off.
    So no way to install whatever even through TRWP or CWM.

    So back to step 1 for starting up again, regarding S-OFF.
    Launching distiller.exe, all passed more or less ok with some reboots and suddenly a "press ENTER" with a warning not to drink.
    Drink? well OK this maybe some local humour...

    But now i am stuck on 1st screen showing the Weibo Logo, not chance to load anything,
    POWER + VOL.DOWN just makes blink the 2 logo donw on screen ('<' and house logo... even holding for many seconds (and seconds are long in France...:().

    I just can see phone starts to be hot when touching it, and me, feeling hotly... stupid!!!.. :stupido3:
    This was working not so bad finally and I just screwed it...

    Really ?
    It there someone here that feels that I am just missing a small tiny little step to move forward?
    Maybe shoud i have had checked this could work with Chinese phone...

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    are you still able to get to recovery? if so do you have a stock nandroid you can restore? if not we may need to try and find a different rom for you to install.

    i do not believe moonshine works on this variant,unless you found a version on their downloads that matched your build,as the moonshine downloads are phone variant and build specific.

    i believe the dont drink error was due to the fact that the device was incompatible,so it does not seem that this was the casue of issue,but i could be wrong there.

    you would prolly be ahead to jump on moonshines IRC channel and ask them if the tool could have caused the situation.

    rest assured that the s-on device is protecting its vital parts,so it should be entirely fixable. :)
  3. bextonbeck

    bextonbeck Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Scotty85,

    Thanks for your reply. I am now more confident to be able to unbrick this phone and your post is a hope to go through and fix my issue.

    "are you still able to get to recovery?"
    The only way to get a "recovery" onto the phone is to launch distiller.exe and unplug the USB cable to stop the procedure.... :(

    "if so do you have a stock nandroid you can restore?"
    Dun really catch the question. Can you please give me more details?
    How can I check this? is this related to .img file?

    Regarding the version of moonshine, I donwload this one moonshine_m7c_dug_1.12.1402.1 as I noted previously my version was M7CDUG PVT SHIP S-ON RH... (dun know if this helps...:thinking:)

    Anyway, thanks again for your support.
  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    hopefully we can get to the bottom of this :)
  5. bextonbeck

    bextonbeck Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello Scotty85,

    When power and vol. down are pushed together, I have no change on screen (so far I understood this was a way to reboot). Actually the only change when pushing simultaneously is the blinking logos ("<' and "|^|" =home or house representation, located each side of the HTC logo.
    I pushed for more than 30 sec. and no change... :(

    regarding the stock nandroid, unfortunately I cannot access to recovery. So I cannot checke for the moment...

    For the matching number, no I didn't check totally.
    M7CDUG was supposed to be (for me) enough to consider it should be working...

    Actually I noted the inscriptions while on recovery mode :
    HBOOT 2.27.000
    RADIO U3.11.3507.08
    OPEN DSP-V31.120.274.0617

    Do you think you can see what is wrong with this?...
  6. bextonbeck

    bextonbeck Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Woaw, I just succeeded to be under the HBOOT (battery was out, blank screen, I plugged device on power cable and push long long long time on ON/OFF switch).:D

    I can read :
    HBOOT (selected)

    RECOVERY (selected)
    IMAGE CRC (???)
    It's stupid huh?... But i couldn't make for 7 days!
    But before I get stuck again I'd like an advice. :tee:
    Because it is just like patience, well... I am patient but after all this time... start to be desperate.

    Looking forward to reading you.
    Thanks anyway.
  7. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Android Expert

    Before you go to all the bother, is there a rom that supports 64GB twin sim?
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