Root [International] can i wipe cache ?


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i updated cyanogenmod 10.1 on my phone using the built in updater and since then its been a bit laggy and not as fluid .

can i boot into recovery and wipe the cache without loosing any data .

just to give it a bit of a boost .



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Yeah you can wipe the cache and you won't lose anything :)

Do a nandroid backup just in case though, always better to be safe and do it every time you do something to the system


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Some may not agree with me here lol but i use the App Cache Cleaner widget from time to time when it gets laggy. I just use it manually. Not automaticly :thumbup:


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You won't lose data unless you wipe the /data partition :thumbup:

Wiping dalvik cache and cache is always a good first option when things get wonky