Root [International] CarbonROM with another kernel


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Hi guys!

I was introduced to the world of rooting a few months and I have been completely dependent on having my I9300 rooted.
However, I have experienced a few serious problems which I have not been able to sort out, even though I have scrutinized Google for a long time now. Therefore I need some help!

I started out by rooting my phone with Cyanogenmod and have enjoyed it for several months. But, I have experienced battery-drainage which have led to screen-flickering and complete flat battery, only by surfing Chrome with wifi. The other day I got really tired of it and decided that I wanted to try out a new root, this time CarbonROM, to see if my problems vanished.
They did not! Android-System still used most of my battery, which was not the case when stock rom was installed.

Yesterday, I rooted my phone to Paranoid Android but here Play Services (along with Android-System) emptied my battery really fast. I disabled NFC which was on by default, Google Now and Location from Play Services, and today my battery has lasted 6 hours with wifi constantly on, and I'm only down to 86%.

I personally liked CarbonROM the most, but I am still concerned if i revert that my battery will drain itself fast or that I will experience screen-flickering and a flat battery thereafter.

Would it be possible to use CarbonROM with Paranoid Android kernel and still get the benefits of CarbonROM's UI? Maybe Paranoid Android kernel is better for my phone's battery? I would really appreciate some input on this matter.

Thanks :)


Android Expert
Yes you can use different custom kernels with ROMs, but you'd need to sort out getting a separate zip of the PA kernel only to then install it with Carbon. I run Boeffla Omni NG kernel with AOSP ROMs, as I like the sound mods and the config app to tweak the settings. But others swear by sticking with kernels that come with ROMs. You battery drain is probably due to wakelocks. I'd go back to Carbon if you like it and install something like Wake lock Detector and/or betterbatterystats so you can investigate any rogue apps draining the battery. If you want to try a different custom kernel with Carbon xda is a reasonable source. Flash ROM first then custom kernel, the clear cache and dalvick and reboot. Both Carbon and PA probably have an in built tweaks in settings somewhere to tweak kernel that come with the ROMs if you want to stick with them.
If you go custom kernel route just make sure it is for your device and ROM type for example AOSP based ROM.