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Hi there, since 2 days ago my GS3 went crazy. The 1st problem that appeared was my S voice and Driving mode going crazy without touching the phone. I searched about this problem, done, I've managed to repair it by cleaning the charging port. Now, another problem appeared, when I plug the charging cable sometimes it won't see it, like there is no cable attached. WTF is happening with this phone cuz I'm losing my nerves. One day, everything is ok, by the night till morning everything works like crap.

I factory reseted my phone about few days ago, maybe the reset wasn't so good for it.

If I would like to sell the phone, how much should I ask for it? (SGS I9300 - 16gb - blue - with flip cover)


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I recently started getting charging problems on my 2.5 year old S3. I thought it was the usb socket on the phone (really hoped it wasn't though) and bought a new cable hoping that was the problem. Result!

I really didn't think it was the cable because I had looked after it and made a point of not bending it near the plug etc. But it was the cable. I bought a new cable that has a lot of good reviews and has a braided covering like an old iron LOL and gold contacts. It feels really stiff and solid so I'm hoping it will live a long time.

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Nice one mate. I'd tried all sorts of cables and some worked better than others but at best I could get it to charge at about 3% per hour which was a total bitch. These two batterys easily keep me up n running now :)


I tried nexus 9 cable with Samsung adapter (One which comes with note 4, 2amp)

And increased the charging rate to 2100ma and guess what,it charges in ~50mins (0-->100℅,stock 2100MAH battery)
Also I had to use a external cooling device to get the battery temps down (they hit 55C w/o cooling and stays at 30C with cooling)
I have been doing this for past 6months and haven't experienced any deterioration of battery performance than what I got before.