Root [International] Factory reset on rooted S3


Hi all,
let me start with a disclaimer. I'm a complete noob when it comes to rooting a phone etc. I did manage to root my S3 a few months ago. However I didn't install a modified OS.
I want to unroot my phone now. will a factory reset help me do this or is there some other way?


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Nah the best way is to reflash the official firmware. That wont hide any traces that its been rooted though. Are you unrooting because of warranty or what mate?

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thanks. not doing it for the warranty. with company email and a new app that is being developed at work need to be on unrooted phones. so I'd like to be able to at least be eligible for the official OTA updates.
how do I reflash the official firmware? will it wipe my phone clean?


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Yeah follow the link funky posted. That's the only way to remove root and restore the official status on the phone. There are other ways to remove root but that way you still won't receive OTAs.