[International / GSM] Computer Refuses to Recognize Phone, Stuck in Fastboot Mode


Hey fellas, I'm at a dead end here. I've looked over the other fastboot threads and none have yielded me any success.

I'm attempting to root a Galaxy Nexus GSM, on Windows 7 64.

I put the phone into fastboot mode, and plugged it in (I made sure USB debugging was on) and using command prompt I attempted a manual root, as Superoneclick was not working. I typed the fastboot devices command and got no result, and any other commands give me "waiting for device". So now I am stuck in fastboot, and unsure how to get the computer to recognize the phone.

I believe my issue is with drivers, as the phone won't even appear under 'Other Devices' in Device Manager. I have installed Samsung's drivers twice now. The phone does appear under Universal Serial Bus Controllers in device manager, under 'Unknown Device" but it reports that the drivers are up to date, and I am clueless as to how I would manually accomplish an update.

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.


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UPDATE: A Hypothesis for the Ages

When I hold down the power button, nothing happens. Were I to take the battery out, where would that leave me? I'm too much of a ***** to do it without someone's approval.

To clarify, nothing has been flashed, as far as I can tell the computer has done nothing with the phone. Fastboot was unable to accomplish any task, I am merely stuck in Fastboot without the drivers/connectivity which would allow me to move forward. A move backward (ala, simply out of fastboot and back to stock, so I can start from square one) would be welcomed.


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Try using the driver and instructs listed in step #2 of this post:


Click on the "show" button to see detailed instructs for the install method.

On a side note, you should be able to use the volume rocker to move your way around in the bootloader, then the power button to select so you can restart the phone and return to system.