[International / GSM] Exchanging Nexus / SIM Card due to reception issues - Do I need to unroot/lock bootloader?


I'm going to bring my phone in to exchange the SIM card in the hopes that it will fix the reception issues. I've unlocked the bootloader and rooted the phone, though.
Do you all think I will need to unroot and relock the bootloader just to bring in the phone to exchange SIM cards? I would like to hold off on exchanging the whole phone if possible.


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I would be weary of taking it in to VZW rooted or even just unlocked. The "Google" splash screen changes when you unlock the bootloader so if they turn on the phone they will notice the nice little unlock symbol at the bottom of the screen instead of on a stock phone it just having the white "Google" on a black screen.

Give the person you speak with may not care at all, but if they instead want to give you a factory replacement then you are going to be in a bind as well.


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Ugh... what a PITA. I guess I will unroot it and relock the bootloader tonight, hopefully it'll go smoothly.