[International / GSM] Good Voltage Level?


Hey guys, I flashed CodenameAndroid 1.5.5 a few days ago and am loving it. I have been tweaking around with the voltage and was wondering if anyone had any tips for setting it or if anyone had a sweet spot for those of you that have the ROM? I have the phone overclocked to 1350 mHz and the voltage all the way down to 1,000 mV.

Also, what is the verdict on Hotplug governor? I've heard good things about it as it shuts off one of the cores while the phone is asleep (helps on battery life). Just wondering if it was a good governor.


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Achievable voltages vary a lot per phone. Unfortunately the answer is: as low as you can go without having stability issues.


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From the Kernel devs own mouths... Undervolting will usually not save you much if any battery, especially if you get an SOD or reboot. Even if it happens once a week, you use more power during reboot than what you would have saved undervolting. I just leave my voltages where the kernel dev sets them, usually slightly undervolted and let it go. Rock solid.