Root [International] How to remove root to reinstate warranty?


Hi guys,

I have rooted my Galaxy S4, but it has developed a fault with the speaker that needs it sending to Samsung. Typical lol

My question is, how do I unroot it to make it look as though it was never rooted? I know after rooting I had to run Triangle Away to reset the hidden flash counter, and I have read online that I have to run triangle away before unrooting.

Is this the right method? I kind of don't believe it because I will have to run Triangle Away with the unrooting to make it all legit and reinstate the warranty, but by unrooting it, doesn't that count towards the flash counter? So I'd run Triangle Away, resetting the counter to 0, then unroot it, which is a form of flashing, and then the counter will then be at 1, and I won't have root to be able to run Triangle Away again to reset it to 0.

What do I do?


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Use Triangle Away to reset the flash counter, factory reset and then flash the stock Samsung firmware for your model of phone and CSC code. This flash will not increase the counter as it is stock.


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to unroot, do the following

1) uninstall superuser/supersu by removing it from /system/app/
3)install the same superuser app yu had installed from the market or a realibe source
4)remove the "su" binary from /system/bin or /system/xbin via emulator terminal by typing
(grant superuser permissions)
mount -o remount,rw -t auto /system
rm /system/bin/su
rm /system/xbin/su

and reboot then uninstall the superuser app