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Anyone who has owned either the SGSII or SGSIII and been involved in rooting and modding, will surely know the name of the developer JKay and of his Deluxe settings.

Basically, what JKay offers is an alternative framework for your existing, rooted, firmware. Into this he places a whole host of options to modify and improve your phone... some of which, I might add, seem to have crept into the S4 from the S2 JKay release.

These frameworks are phone model and firmware specific. He will not be supporting the i9500.

At the moment, the good news is that during his alpha testing stage, the JKay Deluxe settings .apk is free, (probably have to pay for the official release), to use with his only test release so far for the XXUBMEA or MF8.

You will need to download and install 3 files...

Deluxe settings .apk

JKay XXUBMEA/MF8 framwork .zip

Restore XXUBMEA/MF8 framework .zip

You will need to be rooted and have a custom recovery installed to flash the .zip files.

WARNING: At present, this is an, "alpha", test from JKay. Only suitable if you are running firmwares XXUBMEA or MF8 and are competent with flashing and modding. I would strongly advise doing a nandroid, Titanium and efs file backups before thinking of embarking on this.

For more details, instructions, screenshots and downloads, see posts #1, #2, #3 and #4...

On the plus side, it is good to see that JKay is supporting the S4. :thumbup:

Personally, I shall sit back and wait for the release version. ;)


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Yep I was saw it a while back and like you decided to leave it be until a solid release...the thing I don't like about jkay is the way it doesn't work with different firmwares, but I suppose it's all part of the game!


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Now available for firmware MF8.

Still alpha testing, so do a nandroid before flashing framework... just in case. ;)


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My baseband and build number end in ME2. How recent would that be?

Rudedawg! Hello you old... well, dog! Good to see you here.

The S4 has only been out less than 3 months but in that time there have been a fair few, (around a dozen), JB version releases. ME2 is a May build date and quite early on. You really need to get yourself on MEA firmware or later, (MF8 is currently the latest), as these contain all the goodies. See Atma's post, here.

As for the JKay Deluxe Settings alpha release, I gave it a go yesterday but there are very few optimisations available at this stage. Mainly Notifications and Profiles. Nothing to get too excited about at this very early stage of developement.


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Im happy now to sit back and relax . Wait for what I feel is right. Or ready. I really want to see what maximum performance I can drag out of the unit too , looking for a good ROM that allows overclocking.

Also regarding firmware updates.. Im struggling to think what I would need to do this. As far as I remember from the S2 it was something that came along with ROM updating.

I was reading up on