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Oct 17, 2010
Sunny Cornwall
Right. I've had, and still have, Desire HD which has been a good old device for the last 4 years, still works fine apart from the GPS. But as it's getting a bit geriatric now and I have a little spare cash (and, more importantly, permission to spend it from SWMBO .. :D ) I've gone for an S4 (black, 16GB, still locked to Vodafone but as I'm with them that's no problem). Now, I've had the DHD rooted for ages and played about with differing ROMs so the theory is fine as is practice with a DHD, but it seems to be a longer learning curve with the S4. I've been reading about this forum, and xda, and learnt a lot quickly but I still have a couple of queries. Maybe they've been answered in what I've read but I've missed them by skim-reading, in which case just reply with 'Are you blind, the answer is here ... [insert relevent url] ...' ! :eek:

The S4 is second-hand and has just been "... updated to the latest Android version a few weeks ago ...". No idea which version though I did ask but I'm assuming this could include the latest Knox version?


a) from what I've read I can still root the phone even with Knox installed. It's just that the efuse is triggered? And I have no problem with that as if I got a job with a company that cared about this they could supply the phone anyway!

b) for rooting the "latest android" version the 'dummies guide' is still applicable?

c) unlocking the bootloader. From what I've read this is nigh on impossible?

d) usb cables. I normally use a Nokia cable to plug into my phones. Not tried it yet with the S4 (as I haven't got it) but I assume this will be fine? If not, any links to suitable cables?

e) SIM card. Micro-SIM I believe? If so I need to get my (normal size) SIM cut down.

Thanks in advance!

Go in reverse....

Yes micro sim, could try cutting old sim but i don't know the ins and outs of the actual tech involved in differing Sims, or if it is just size!

I've always used the cable that came with the phone, have tried cheap replacements but had issues, I'd imagine the Nokia one, if New enough will be fine.

For uk/international phone's, there is no need to worry about unlocking or doing anything to the bootloader, it only affects the Knox security partition with rooting, assuming it has Knox one. Samsung aren't like htc in that regards.

Last two in one..... yep the guide is still applicable for all versions of the international s4, certainly the i9505 as I just did my replacement one the other week.and as you say tripping the Knox efuse is only an issue if it was a companies phone and they had signed up for using the Knox partition.otherwise really won't make a difference :)
Ta muchly! Glad I can still understand some of this modern, techie stuff :D Who'd have thought that 20 years after programming/demonstrating multi-CPU computers and explaining the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit CPUs and operating systems (oh, and the benefits or otherwise to your software application) that we'd be doing exactly the same with a PHONE!!!! Eeeeek!

Yep, only, you dint have to be a techie to modify your phone! Everything is all simplistic and easy to do, especially with the guides written here by iron ass, even then I was able to play about with a few other devices thanks to confidence gained here with my old s2 :)