Root [International] [Q] Samsung GT-N7100 need help to root it

Hello I have this gsm Samsung Note ll,Model:GT-N7100,Device K3-A,CPU: ARMv7,Ram: 233MB,Version: GRK39F,Release:4.1.1,Kernel:,SDK:10,Filmware: eng.scm.1366102946 and have tried using EXYNOS ABUSE and had a message saying device or filmware is not exploitable.Does any one know how I can ROOT this phone.Need step by step instructions new at this.Thanks for taking time to read this.


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The way they explain it to noobs on - Your source for Galaxy Note 2 rooting, custom ROMs, and more! has always been helpful to me. Here's the root method if you're on windows (easiest). Browse their site if you're running Linux or Mac.
How to Root Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-N7100/GT-N7105] | Galaxy Note 2 Root!

Edit: also - the only thing that matters at this part of the process is the model number - in your case N7100. What kernel you on now and how much ram you have is not relevant for rooting.