Root [International] Restoration advice


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Dear All,

I need a little help and wondered if you guys may be able to point me in the right direction please?

I had an S3 which I stupidly smashed to pieces a few weeks ago. While it was off being repaired, I did something bad.. real bad. I bought myself an iPhone 5!
Anyway, I


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Instead of using Odin, for Mac you can use Heimdall (which is what I used to root my S3).

Unfortunately I don't really know the proper procedure for unrooting, but I have used heimdall, so perhaps if someone can chime in with unrooting knowledge I can give some help from the Heimdall side of things :) I haven't used Odin but from what I can see, Heimdall doesn't look to dissimilar.


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That's really kind - thank you. Have you any idea where I'd come across the official S3 firmware to flash with too please?