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International SMS

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bobsuruncle454, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. bobsuruncle454

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    I just upgraded to the S6 Active and have family and friends all over the world. I have long had a plan that allows me free international texting and never had a problem sending or receiving messages until after switching to this phone. Now, here in the US it is an AT&T exclusive device which is fine because I am an AT&T customer. I have already had lengthy discussions both in store and with their tech support staff over the phone on this issue and have no clue where to turn next as they have been of no help at all. The only thing I can even think of that I have done different on this phone versus my S5 Active that I just upgraded from is I downloaded an app that reads my texts aloud to me. It allows me to respond vocally via the Bluetooth in my car that I did not have before. I also do not remember if I tried texting anyone internationally before installing that app or not.

  2. bobsuruncle454

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    So, I have read up a few other places while waiting for help here. I cleared the cache in my Messaging app, I cleared the cache in my badge handler, I uninstalled the text to speech app, and I powercycled my phone. I have still had no success in sending international sms, though. I get no error, it looks as if it is going through fine on my end but I can verify through Messenger that it is not being received on the other end. Never had this problem before on another phone, though.

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