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[International Tegra 3] Can I root safely and revert back easily on my HTC One X

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by robandis, May 2, 2012.

  1. robandis

    robandis Newbie
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    Hi Droid Masters, I'm a very cautious individual and have soon come to the conclusion that I need to root my phone in order to get certain software up and running, i.e. screen grabbers, call recorders etc, you know - the good stuff...

    Its just that I don't want to mess the integrity of my 'in the box' system. How do I go about tinkering and then have the option of reverting to my virginal system?? I'm obviously a noob... maybe rooting doesn't actually change anything, maybe it just means a specific way of accessing the OS? If I did root my phone and thus installed some software would that in itself nullify my warranty?

    Much gratitude if you could guide me, Many Thanks guys.


  2. aosp

    aosp Newbie

    HTC has announced unlocking the bootloader will void your warranty. To revert back to stock, lock the bootloader, flash stock boot.img, factory data reset, and then flash the RUU according to your device model.
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  3. robandis

    robandis Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thnkyou so much for your reply... I think by what you said that its possible to revert back to stock and act as if nothings been touched on the phone... its just I don't really understand all the things you said...

    Many Thanks anyway

  4. aosp

    aosp Newbie

    To understand some of the terminology or read up on rooting, go to xda-developers and find the android development section for the HTC one x.

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