Apr 22, 2012
Hey guys,

I'm an android noob - just converted to HTC One X from my iPhone 4S.

Currently very happy with the switch but just have one (probably silly) question.

I did like how could perform backup of iphone through itunes - which saves all applications and even what order they are on your homescreen.

Is there anyway to do this on android so you don't loose any customisation?

All your Google info such as mail & contacts are saved to Google. You can use HTC Sync to backup some basic data too.

I use Titanium Backup to backup my apps and data; this saves to "SD" card. I also use the Dropbox backup option in Titanium.

However Titanium requires you to root your phone. There may be better options since I took this route several years ago.
I have a Mac and can't install HTC Sync as it's a window's only program. So what other options do I have to back-up my phone on my computer?? Are there any other program's that will work with a Mac?